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My name is Noah Adelstein

What I’m good at:
Learning new things quickly, taking risks, making the most of my 24 hours each day, reflecting, working in teams, getting things done, coming up with ideas, treating everyone with respect

What I want to learn more about:
Making conclusions with numbers, understanding of history, competency of computers & software, Spanish, leading others, empathy, everything else

What I’m doing to learn more:
Reading a book a week, frequent journaling, 5-10 hours a week of both statistics and Spanish work, holding leadership positions, pushing myself to my limit and going one step further

What do I really think?
Many people go through life without living out their dreams, or without having the opportunities to make them happen. This has lead me to develop a strong passion in how to prevent things like depression, anger, inequality and fear from stopping these people from being fulfilled in their life. It's a new passion and I have a lot more to explore. But each day I’m learning more, immersing myself around me, and trying new things to help me find my path, while making sure I enjoy the journey.

I am interested in many things, but here's a short list:

Education Technology                                                              Spanish                                                      Enjoying Life
Social Entrepreneurship                                                           Business Analytics                                       Meeting People
Environmental Solutions                                                        Denver Broncos                                             Talking About World Issues
Middle Eastern Conflict                                                         Skiing                                                          Laughing
Human Behavior                                                                       Books                                                             Beautiful Views

Interested in learning more about what I do or want to get in touch?